About BioRender

A New Way to Render

The Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society has teamed up with BioRender to offer all TAMU faculty and students free premium access to BioRender’s extensive catalog of beautiful, professional science figures. 

BioRender is the resource trusted to create beautiful scientific diagrams for publications, presentations, and more. Used by hundreds of institutions, BioRender’s  database of 20,000 icons and pre-made templates that will ensure – not matter your level of figure design competence – stunning, publication-worthy graphics. 


Custom Made Icons

BioRender has a custom made library of over 20,000 icons from over 30 fields of life science, curated and vetted by industry professionals. 

If BioRender does not have the icon you are looking for, they will happily make one for you. Just submit pictures or a brief description of what you would like an icon made for, and BioRender will get back to you with a few icons in as little as 48 hours. 

Check out some of the custom made icons, BioRender has already created specifically for the RPPC team!!!



Creating Your Free Account

Please visit the TAMU Portal to create your free account. Premium access includes:

  • High res export (150 DPI, 300 DPI)
  • License to publish in a journal
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom icon requests
  • Secure, team based collaboration
  • And much, much more!!!


Webinar Information

BioRender offers free, live webinars to Texas A&M University system members where you can learn how BioRender can help improve your grants, posters, publications, and more. 

These live webinars allow you to communicate with BioRender staff members about various questions you may have, as well as get personalized trainings on BioRender’s various applications. 

Upcoming webinars reminders will be communicated to TAMU personnel a week before they are scheduled by Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core (RPPC) staff members through the A&M List Serve. A calendar of the upcoming webinars will also be provided below. These webinars require each participant to sign up in advance to receive a link to the zoom meeting. Information to sign up for these webinars will be listed below, as well as provided in the email reminders. 

Note: The following calendar is only viewable if logged into a Texas A&M associated email address.



Webinar Library 

September 18th – New & Advanced BioRender Features


August 28th – Top 5 Design Tips: Creating Better Grant Figures


July 10th – Better Graphical Abstracts


June 9th – SciComm For the Public


May 22nd – Top 5 Design Tips: Publication Figures


May 1st – Top 5 Design Tips: Creating Better Grant Figures


April 3rd – An Introduction for Texas A&M University


BioRender Figure Gallery

Check out the figures our clients have used in their publications!!!






Please contact the following people for any questions concerning BioRender, or your BioRender account. Happy rendering!!!

Alexandra Trott 

Francesca Kim