Open Source Software

The TIGSS High Performance Computing cluster hosts a broad range of tools such as BWA, ABySS, SOAPdenovo, Velvet, TopHat, Cufflinks, Trinity, Bowtie, MUMmer, HMMER, MIRA, NCBI BLAST, ClustalW and many more. Users have the option to access cluster-hosted tools via either shell accounts or a Galaxy front-end. To request an account send an email to Kranti Konganti. It is very important that you provide your correct TAMU Net ID (not the university provided UIN or the alias / email id provided by your department) as you will use that at login on both TIGSS PRoMIs (PRoject Mangement and Issue tracking software) and also at HPC command-line. You will be notified once the account has been created after which you will have access to PRoMIs and TIGSS-HPC Cluster (command-line).