Poster Board Stands

Start Your Conference Off Right

The Texas Institute for Genome Sciences and Society is  proud to announce that we are now offering  75 lightweight, double-sided aluminum poster stands to rent. These stands have an ultra sleek design and are easily transported in our custom carts. 


Delivery, set-up, and pick-up options are also available to make your rental hassle-free!!! Check out our flyer for more details. 


Poster Board Reservations can be made by initiating a request on the dedicated  Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core  request services tab, or by contacting Dr. Trott.


To initiate a request on the RPPC request service tab, you must have an iLabs account linked to a valid funding account. If you do not have one, directions to create an iLabs account can be found on page 15 of the RPPC Manual



Reservations are available for both Texas A&M University members and associates and non-Texas A&M University members. Pricing for both groups is listed below:


TAMU Price

  • Poster stands = $375/set of 15 stands
  • Delivery/setup/pickup (1st set of 15)= $250
  • Additional sets= $50/set


Non-TAMU Price

  • Poster stands = $750/set of 15 stands
  • Delivery/setup/ pickup (1st set of 15)= $500
  • Additional sets= $100/set

*Prices are for 3 day rentals