RPPC Manual & Standard Operating Procedures

Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society (TIGSS) has established several shared resources to support genomics research. The Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core (RPPC) houses various instruments to measure and quantify mouse physiology and behavior. We offer a wide variety of state of the art equipment to help expedite comprehensive research in many fields, including Behavior, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Chemical, Metabolic, Skeletomuscular, and Histology. Consultation, training, and experimental support are available upon request. The standard operating procedures of all RPPC equipment as well as the RPPC manual are listed below. 


General Information

The Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core (RPPC) offers our users access to all of our general standard operating procedures. The RPPC standard operating procedures provides detailed notes on how to operate all equipment within our suite.


While not a substitute for one-on-one training from RPPC professionals, these standard operating

procedures are easy to follow and can be a useful reminder when needed.


If any questions persist after consulting the SOP for a particular piece of equipment, feel free to email the RPPC personnel. We do our best to respond to inquires from our clients usually within 24 hours. 

Contact information is provided below:

Alexandra Trott, Ph.D.

Orion Hicks


RPPC Manual

The RPPC Manual has all the information you will ever need to use the core. With instructions on how to schedule reservations, create funding accounts, gain access and more. This comprehensive guide will help you get your project started in no time. 


Furthermore, the RPPC Manual informs our users on all RPPC terms & conditions, safety information, as well as our user acknowledgements. We recommend all users read through the manual before scheduling a service.  

RPPC Manual


Behavioral Equipment

Barnes Maze                                                                 Three Chamber Sociability  

Coulbourn Habitest System                                       True Scan Open Field

Noldus Open Field                                                        Water Maze

Radial Eight Arm Maze


Cancer/Cardiovascular Equipment


Storz Rodent Endoscope



Chemical Equipment

Abaxis VetScan HM5

Abaxis VetScan VS2 Chemistry Analyzer

Abaxis VetScan VSpro

OsmoPro Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer


Histological Equipment

Leica EG1150 Embedding Station

Leica Rotary Microtome 2165

TubeWriter 360


Metabolic Equipment

Hatteras Diuresis Metabolic Cage System

Hatteras MC4000 Blood Pressure Analysis System

TSE Phenomaster


Skeletomuscular Equipment

Digigait System

EchoMRI 100H Body Composition Analyzer

Grip Strength

IITC Life Science Rotarod