Texas A&M University

Institute for Genome
Sciences and Society

CFX Real-Time System (Bio-Rad)

96 or 384 well real time PCR systems with six-channel detector with quick set up runs. Monitors amplification traces in real time on the integrated LCD touch screen with up to five-target detection.

QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System (Bio-Rad)

Absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA without the need for a standard curve. By partitioning reactions into droplets using the BioRad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR system, researchers can now:

  • Differentiate germline copy number variations
  • Accurately quantify rare alleles in an excess of wildtype background DNA
  • Precisely quantitate nucleic acids
  • miRNA expression analysis
  • Single cell gene expression analysis

Qubit Fluorometer (Life Technologies)

Easy to use fluorometer for a variety of DNA, RNA and protein assays.

Tape Station (Agilent)

Automated RNA, DNA and protein quality assessment using 1-96 samples in as little as 1min.

Bioanalyzer (Agilent)

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for quality assessment of microRNA and other small RNAs. Small RNA chips and reagents are provided.

Maxwell 16 (Promega)

Automated nucleic acid purification


Homogenize samples

Cytation 5 (BioTek)

Cell imaging multi-mode microplate reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection. Includes both high sensitivity filter-based detection and a flexible quadruple monochromator based system with a fluorescence cellular imaging module and up to 20x magnification.

GentleMACS Octo Dissociator (Miltenyi)

Automated tissue processing to dissociate target tissue into single cell suspensions.

Countess Cell Counter (Life Technologies)

Generates automated cell and viability counts in as little as 30sec.

Moxi Go II (Orflo)

The Moxi Go II combines the Coulter Principle (for highly-accurate cell counts and exact, volumetric cell sizing) with a 488nm laser and two PMT fluorescence detection channels.

epMotion 5075 Fluid Handling Robot (Eppendorf)

Easy to program liquid handling robot that can be used for any molecular application that can be automated including NGS library generation, PCR setup, and nucleic acid extraction.