Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core

The Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core (RPPC) houses various instruments to measure and quantitate mouse physiology and behavior. We offer a wide variety of state of the art equipment to help expedite comprehensive research in many fields, including Behavior, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Chemical, Metabolic, and Skeletomuscular. Training and experimental support is available.

With our extensive experience in preclinical phenotyping using a variety of mouse and other small animal models, we can help guide you at every step in your translational research.  At the planning stages, we provide consulting to determine the optimal molecular, physiological and behavioral assays to address your research goals.  We maintain a wide suite of equipment supporting metabolic skeletomuscular, immune, cardiovascular,  behavioral, cancer and molecular assays for detailed phenotyping of animal models, and provide access for generating preliminary data for new grant applications.  We also provide access to a unique mouse genetic reference population, the collaborative cross which enables investigations into the genetic bases and health and disease-related traits and environmental responses.


Our Values

Maintain a wide suite of state-of-the-art equipment supporting metabolic, skeletomuscular, cardiovascular, behavioral, cancer, and molecular assays for detailed murine phenotyping.

Oversee investigator experimental consultations and extensive training on all equipment within our suite.

Understand the various needs of our clients to help determine the optimal molecular, physiological and behavioral assays necessary to address their research goals.

Support multi-disciplinary teams of investigators in obtaining preliminary data for new grant applications and publications.

Enable access to the unique mouse genetic reference population – the Collaborative Cross.


Mission Statement

The murine model provides an invaluable vector to study the effects of genetic, biotic and environmental agents across a population. Our mission is to provide the resources necessary for a multidisciplinary field of investigators to research these effects and potential solutions to those impacted.



Alexandra Trott, Ph.D.

Orion Hicks 

Marcy Bundick 


Location &  Hours of Operation 

Hours      Location

Open 24/7

Staffed Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm 

0972 Agronomy Rd. 

College Station, TX. 77843


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