Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society (TIGSS) has established number of shared resources to support genomics research.


Molecular Genomics Lab which houses various instruments and lab equipment is located in VMR Addition 266. Training and experimental support is available. Please visit the TAMU Core Facilities page for available services. Contact Andrew Hillhouse for more information about pricing and any other details.


A High Performance Computing Cluster (TIGSS HPCC) has been established in 2012 specifically tailored for Bioinformatics / Computational Biology research. The compute cluster is located in CSC building.


We also provide Bioinformatics consultation and computational analyses of high-throughput data, not limited to Next-generation sequencing data. We follow best practices as specified in many peer reviewed journals and protocol articles. We document every step of the analyses so that you will be able to replicate the analyses if you choose to do so. The following is the simple price structure for data analyses:


  • Initial Bioinformatics Consultation / Discussions of Project Design: FREE
  • Small assistance / Custom analysis steps / Preliminary analyses ( less than 2 hours): FREE
  • Comprehensive data analyses (Internal): $50 / hr
  • Comprehensive data analyses (External Academic / Federal): $75 / hr
  • Comprehensive data analyses (External Commercial): $100 / hr


Since many tools and open source software produces different outputs in different data formats, please contact us regarding your requirements.


Contact Kranti Konganti for more information.