Biochemistry & Biophysics Building. Auditorium/Room 108


It is our pleasure to announce our first G2 seminar of the fall semester! Don’t miss Dr. Mark Muller on Monday, September 12th at 4:00 pm in BCBP room 108.
We are very excited to listen to his talk: “Cell Based Reporters for Epigenetic Revisions in Chronic and Acute Human Disease
Dr. Muller is an Aggie and his Ph.D. research involved replication and expression of murine cytomegalovirus which led to studies of various topoisomerases (including in lone star ticks) and in turn to targeted DNA methylation, DNA homologous and non homologous DNA repair and epigenetic gene regulation. Based on his success in academics at Ohio State and UCF, Dr. Muller founded and is President and CEO of TopoGENE, which develops therapeutics and assays for cancer and aging.
Please read the flyer for further details.
220912-Dr. Mark Muller-G2 Seminar Flyer