BioBio 403


A short training workshop regarding Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) will be held on January 30th between 11 AM and 4 PM at BioBio 403. Unlike previous events, this will be a hands-on training workshop where in you will bring your own laptop and a dataset will be provided to you so that you can follow the analysis with the instructor Dr. Jeff Knight.

In order to take complete advantage of this workshop:

  • First, register for the event at https://ipa-workshop.eventbrite.com/ with your TAMU email address (not department address like @cvm.tamu.edu, @bio.tamu.edu etc…). This is important as you will use the same email to later login to IPA. If you already have an account with IPA, you need to still register for the event.



  • Your IPA account will be activated in time for the workshop.


Please share this information to whomever is interested as the workshop will extremely beneficial to ease the tertiary analysis workflow regarding RNA-Seq data.

Side note: The room has electric outlets on the walls but not on the tables. Please make sure your laptops are fully charged for the session.