106A BioBio Building, Texas A&M University


The seating is limited for this event. Please make sure to RSVP and pass the information about the talk to anybody who is interested.


RSVP / Register here: https://tigss-grid-computing-seminar.eventbrite.com


Please make sure to attend the following talk by Elisabeth Latham, who is a 4th year graduate student from Department of Animal Science, who has been using the Texas A&M Insitute for Genome Sciences and Society’s High Performance Computing (TIGSS-HPC) Cluster since it went live. She has been extensively been using the computing resources for 16s rRNA Microbiome Analysis where some of the most important data analysis tools are available only in Linux / UNIX environment. This talk will be extremely benefecial for anybody who already has an account on TIGSS-HPC Cluster or who plans to apply for one.



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