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Harnessing the power of modern genomic technologies and methodologies to decode the intricate language written within DNA

Welcome to the Molecular Genomics Core, your gateway to cutting-edge research and analysis in the field of molecular genetics. We are a dedicated facility to providing comprehensive genomics services, empowering scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals to unravel the mysteries of the genome and advance our understanding of life at the molecular level. With a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, we offer a seamless workflow, from sample preparation to data analysis. Whether you are embarking on a large-scale genomics project or require focused genetic testing, our expertise and resources are here to support you every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing exceptional services. We also prioritize the dissemination of knowledge and fostering scientific growth within the research community. Through workshops, training programs, and educational initiatives, we aim to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of molecular genomics.

At the Molecular Genomics Core we offer a fee-for-service, one-stop shop for all your sequencing needs. Whether you need single plasmid isolation, to large scale library preparation, QC, and sequencing on the Illumina or Oxford Nanopore platforms. We have you covered! Please fill out our Contact Us Form today to start your sequencing project! We also host a shared workspace for researchers to utilize equipment to fast-track and enable their research. Please visit our Shared Workspace page for more details. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sample Preparation

Library Preparation


Required Before Working With the Molecular Genomics Core=

A valid iLab account:

Anyone using our services/equimpent must have a valid iLab account with an unexpired funding source.

To create an iLab Account

  1. Go to MGW iLab: https://tamu.corefacilities.org/sc/3986/molecular-genomics-workspace/?tab=about 
  2. Sign-up with TAMU or your institution’s credentials.
  3. Click the three bar icon located in the left upper corner, to the left of Agilent Cross Lab logo.
  4. Go to Manage Groups/My Groups.
  5. If your lab group is not listed under “My Groups,” click Request Group Access and follow on-screen instructions.
  6. PI or Lab/Group Manager can accept your membership request and add a funding source. PI/manager instructions: https://help.ilab.agilent.com/36900-managing-your-group/279959-membership-requests-fund-numbers.

Equipment Reservation

Trained user status for your iLab account is required to reserve equipment on iLab. This status is awarded per equipment after training (offered free of charge by our staff), but you can also skip the training if you already know how to use the machine or previously have received training outside of the Molecular Genomics Core. Please email genome_core@tamu.edu to request or skip training.

Once trained user status is granted, go to MGW iLab (https://tamu.corefacilities.org/sc/3986/molecular-genomics-workspace/?tab=equipment) and click Schedule Equipment tab to create a new reservation.

Staff assistance is available with a per hour fee.

Core Acknowledgement

Publications describing research that takes place, or containing data collected from equipment in the Molecular Genomics Core should include the following statement in the acknowledgement section: “Use of the Texas A&M Molecular Genomics Core is acknowledged.”