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Providing a multitude of services on broad Post-Genomic Assays of biochemical,

preclinical, rodent phenotyping, and environmental toxicant studies.

The Texas A&M Preclinical Phenotyping Core (TPPC) houses various instruments to measure and quantify mouse physiology and behavior. With our extensive experience in preclinical phenotyping using a variety of mouse and other small animal models, we can help guide you at every step in your translational research.  At the planning stages, we provide consulting to determine the optimal molecular, physiological, and behavioral assays to address your research goals.  We also maintain a wide suite of equipment supporting metabolic, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular,  behavioral, cancer, immune, histology, and other molecular assays for detailed phenotyping of animal models and provide access for generating preliminary data for new grant applications. Additionally, we provide access to a unique mouse genetic reference population, the Collaborative Cross, which enables investigations into the genetic bases and health and disease-related traits and environmental responses.

At the TPPC, we offer fee-for-service analysis and access to a large quantity of shared workspace instrumentation. Please visit both our services page and shared workspace page to see the complete list of how TPPC can help your research.

Please contact us at TPPC@tamu.edu for training, questions, and experimental support!

Behavioral Testing

Blood & Urine Analysis

Required Before Working With TPPC

1. AUP confirmation for behavior tests

All behavior tests conducted in the core should be listed in your Animal Use Protocol (AUP). Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in designing your research project with TPPC service or preparing an AUP, Manuscripts, or Grant proposals.

2. A valid iLab account

Anyone using TPPC service requires a valid iLab account with an unexpired funding source.

To create an iLab Account:

  1. Go to the TPPC iLab site: https://tamu.corefacilities.org/sc/5032/texas-a-m-preclinical-phenotyping-core/
  2. Sign-up with TAMU or your institution’s credentials.
  3. Click the three-bar icon located in the upper left corner, to the left of the Agilent Cross Lab logo.
  4. Go to Manage Groups/My Groups.
  5. If your lab group is not listed under “My Groups,” click Request Group Access and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. PI or Lab/Group Manager can accept your membership request and add a funding source. PI/manager instructions: https://help.ilab.agilent.com/36900-managing-your-group/279959-membership-requests-fund-numbers.

Core Acknowledgment

Publications describing research that takes place in the TPPC or containing data collected from TPPC equipment shall include the following statement in the acknowledgment section: “Use of the Texas A&M Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core is acknowledged.”

TPPC Location

All locations open 24/7, staffed Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



206 Olsen Blvd., Reynolds Medical Sciences Building (REYN), Rooms 472/473 (Staff Office) and 419/420, College Station, TX 77843

Parking Information

  • Visitor parking (paid): Lot 72a, Lot 72b
  • University Business parking: Lot 72a, Lot 72b, Lot 18, Lot 98
  • 30 minute parking available in Lot 18



972 Agronomy Rd., Laboratory Animal Care Building (LARR), Rooms 135-143, College Station, TX 77843

Parking Information

  • Any valid TAMU permit parking: Lot 71
  • University Business parking: Lot 79, Lot 36a



8441 Riverside Pkwy., Medical Research & Education Building II (MREB II), Room 1331, Bryan, TX 77807

Parking Information

  • Any valid TAMU permit parking
  • University Business parking (2 hrs)
  • 15 minute lab space parking