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The TPPC offers over 45 clinical chemical assays for plasma, serum, and urine samples onboard our DxC 700 AU clinical chemical analyzer. We also offer a one-stop full service to prepare histological slides from fixed tissue to stained and prepped slides through our line of Leica instrumentation. To see the full list of processes, assays, and pricing, please visit Texas A&M Preclinical Phenotyping Core iLab.

To request service, download the forms below and submit it to TPPC@tamu.edu.

Please visit the TPPC Shared Workspace page to view 30+ shared equipment available to TPPC users.

Beckman Coulter DxC 700 AU

The DxC 700 AU from Beckman Coulter combines two of the most tested and requested clinical chemical analyzers on board a single system. The high-throughput and precision of this instrument make it a reliable source of analysis for your experimental design.

Photometric Throughput
with ISE (tests/hour)
800/1,200 with ISE
Number of Onboard Assays
with ISE
Sample Volume (┬ÁL)Varies (see the request form below)
Link to DxC request form

Leica ASP300S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor

The Leica ASP300S is a product-scale tissue preparation solution that can generate fully encased tissue samples in under 4, 6, and 8 hours. Together with our Leica Tissue Embedder, Rotary Microtome, and HistoCore Spectra Workstation can generate stained and covered slides for downstream analysis.

Link to Tissue Processor request form

Leica CM1950 Cryostat

For customers who need cryo-preserved tissue preparation solutions, our Leica CM1950 offers superb cross-sectioning and cryo-preservation in a single instrument. Similarly, pairing with the Leica HistoCore Spectra Workstation enables for precision slide preparation for downstream analysis. Additionally, customers looking for spatial single cell transcriptomic sequencing can pair their cryo-preserved slides with the 10x-Genomics Visium CytAssist workflow and library sequencing offered by our Genomics Core.

Link to Cryosection request form

Leica HistoCore SPECTA Workstation

The Leica HistoCore Spectra Workstation is designed to perform large-scale, automated slide preparation, including staining and cover slide preservation. We offer the following stains, and if you don’t see your stain, please request it when filling out your sample documentation. We will work with you to develop the protocol:

  • H&E
  • PAS with light green
  • PAS with Alcian Blue
  • Gomori’s Trichrome
  • Iron stain (pilot protocol)

Link to Spectra request form